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Government Of Assam Health & Family Welfare Directorate of Health Service

National Programme for Control of Blindness

  • National Programme for Control of Blindness was launched in the year 1976 as a 100% Centrally Sponsored scheme with the goal to reduce the prevalence of blindness from 1.4% to 0.3%. As per Survey in 2001-02, prevalence of blindness is estimated to be 1.1%. Rapid Survey on Avoidable Blindness conducted under NPCB during 2006-07 showed reduction in the prevalence of blindness from 1.1% (2001-02) to 1% (2006-07). Various activities/initiatives undertaken during the Five Year Plans under NPCB are targeted towards achieving the goal of reducing the prevalence of blindness to 0.3% by the year 2020.

    Main causes of blindness are as follows: Cataract (62.6%) Refractive Error (19.70%) Corneal Blindness (0.90%), Glaucoma (5.80%), Surgical Complication (1.20%) Posterior Capsular Pacifications (0.90%) Posterior Segment Disorder (4.70%), Others (4.19%) Estimated National Prevalence of Childhood Blindness /Low Vision is 0.80 per thousand.

    Goals & Objectives of NPCB in the XII Plan

    • To reduce the backlog of blindness through identification and treatment of blind at primary, secondary and tertiary levels based on assessment of the overall burden of visual impairment in the country.
    • Develop and strengthen the strategy of NPCB for "Eye Health" and prevention of visual impairment; through provision of comprehensive eye care services and quality service delivery.
    • Strengthening and up gradation of RIOs to become centre of excellence in various sub-specialities of ophthalmology
    • Strengthening the existing and developing additional human resources and infrastructure facilities for providing high quality comprehensive Eye Care in all Districts of the country
    • To enhance community awareness on eye care and lay stress on preventive measures
    • Increase and expand research for prevention of blindness and visual impairment
    • To secure participation of Voluntary Organizations/Private Practitioners in eye Care

    Manpower of N.P.C.B., State Health Society: ASSAM

    Jt. Director, Health Services/State Programme Officer1
    L.D.A. cum Typist1
    Statistical Assistant1
    Gr. IV1

    Contractual Staff

    Budget & Accounts Officer1
    Data Entry Operator 1
    Administrative Assistant1

    Other Staff Including Districts

    Ophthalmic Surgeon120 (approx)
    Ophthalmic Surgeon, Contructual3 nos.
    Ophthalmic Assistant ( 12 nos. are contractual)210 (approx)
    D.P.M Designated (M & HO)21 nos.
    D.P.M., Contractual6 nos.
    Data Entry Operator , Contractual27 nos.

    Activities under N.P.C.B. ( as per NPCB Guideline)

    • Creating an infrastructure for cataract surgical & support services.
    • School Eye Screening and refraction Services.
    • Strengthening Eye Health Education activities by intensive IEC Activities.
    • Control of Corneal Blindness including establishment of Eye Banks.

    1. Cataract Surgery & Support Services

    Creation of Regional Institute of Ophthalmology (RIO) at Guwahati to provide speciality services and referral support to other institutions.

    • Strengthening and upgrading eye departments of medical colleges like A.M.C.H., Dibrugarh, S.M.C.H. ,Silchar and Ayurvedic College, Guwahati, Barpeta Medical College, Barpeta, Jorhat Medical College & Hospital, Jorhat. Dedicated eye OTs, eye wards and ophthalmic equipments are being provided to all medical colleges and 27 district hospitals.
    • We have approx. 120 nos. of eye surgeons. Eye Surgeons from the district are being trained in latest surgical methods at SSN, Guwahati, Rotary Eye Hospital, Cuttack ,Arvind Eye Hospital, Madurai etc. Almost 100 nos of eye surgeons have been trained in IOL/SICS. &approx 20 nos. of Eye Surgeons have been trained in Phaco-Emulsification.
    • 441 nos. of Medical Officers including In-charge of PHC, Block PHC, and Superintendent of CH have been trained during 2008-09, 2009-2010 & 2010-11 as refresher training.
    • Creation of District Mobile Units to provide cataract surgical services in the rural and remote areas. There are 6 (six) Nos. of District Mobile Unit.

    1. AMCH Dibrugarh
    2. RIO
    3. Sonitpur
    4. Nagaon
    5. Goalpara
    6. Barpeta

    NGOs participating in eye care services are being supported by providing GIA.



    2. School Eye Screening and Refraction Services

    This programmes are presently undertaken by our 27 nos. of NPCB, District health

    Society, under three types of refractive correction:

    • Myopic correction for school children
    • Presbyopic correction to above 40 yrs of age.
    • Some cataract operated patients also need refractive correction.For carrying out these activities, we are initiating the following as per NPCB guidelines :- Training of PMOAs for manning the refraction services at CHCs/ upgraded PHCs. PMOAs undertake refraction work and help in the organization of eye camps in the PHC area. There are 210 nos.(approx) of PMOAs ( out of 210 nos., 12 nos. are in contractual basis ) and all are have already been trained as refresher course during 2008-09 & 2010-11. And 46 nos. of PMOAs & OT Nurses have been trained on OT Procedures. Total 55000 nos. of Middle School Teachers have already been trained from 45000 (approx) middle school. Preference is given to the female teachers with science background. One teacher from each school.
    • Creation of Dark Room & Vision Centres at upgraded PHCs & CHCs
    • We have already established 130 (approx.) nos. of Vision Centres in different district and all are functioning smoothly. Fund for 64 nos. of Vision Centres has already been released during the end of FY 2012-13.

    Provision of spectacles to the refractive error detected school children on free of cost to the BPL family from the fund provided to the N.P.C.B., District Health Society.

    School Eye Screening Performance From 2010-11 to 2014-15

     Year 2010-11Year 2011-12Year 2012-13Year 2013-14Year 2014-15
    School Children Screened30000026857030000076241350000071751615000001917897-1849857
    R.E. Detected-14375-49831-80831105000119857-135142
    Free Glass Provided35004034350023074-4379131500380464200043465
    School Teacher Trained-2944-4059-3940-4717-4699

    3. Strengthening Eye Health education activities by Intensive IECACTIVITIES:

    Cataract Surgery, Eye Donation& School Eye Screening programme are all dependent on information, education & communication activities.

    • National Eye Donation Fortnight from 25th August/ to 8th Sept.
    • World Sight Day - on every 2nd Thursday of October every year.

    The Common Activities under IEC are :- display of hoardings, postering, bannering, wall-writing, new paper advertising , TV & Radio talk, printing materials, awareness meeting & programme, procession, Street Drama , Beautiful Eye Contest, organizing SishuJyotiMela, workshop on eye donation etc.

    4. Control of Corneal blindness including Establishment of Eye Banks

    Conditions like Vit - "A" deficiency, Trachoma, Measles, Corneal ulceration etc. can lead to opacification of the cornea. Corneal grafting is the only way to restore sight. We have to develop infrastructure to collect donor's eyes.

    For this purpose the NPCB ,State Health Society Assam, supports the establishment of following of Eye Banks & Eye Donation Centres at:

    Eye Banks:

    • Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Guwahati (Government Sector)
    • Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh (Government Sector)
    • Silchar Medical College, Silchar. (Government Sector)
    • Sri SankardevNethralaya, Guwahati.(NGO Sector)
    • Jeuti Eye Bank, Jorhat(NGO Sector)

    Eye Donation Centres:

    • Netrajyoti Eye Donation Centre.(NGO Sector)
    • Lions Eye Hospital, Guwahati.(NGO Sector)
    • Nalbari Eye Hospital Eye Donation Centre.(NGO Sector)
    • Rangia FRU(Government Sector)

    Eye Banking Performance During 2011-12 to 2014-15 (up to July/14)

    Year Total

    Physical Performance

    2014 – 15Cataract Surgery;8500073081
    Free Spectacles Distribution;4200043465
    Old Person Spectacles (Near Vision)6000060000
    Eye Banking (Cornea Collection)420423
    Eye Banking (Cornea Transplantation)Not given by GOI206
    2015 – 16 (Upto Sept/2015)Cataract Surgery8500031308
    Free Spectacles Distribution4200010041
    Old Person Spectacles (Near Vision)6000036000
    Eye Banking (Cornea Collection)420137
    Eye Banking (Cornea Transplantation)Not given by GOI59

    Financial Performance : From FY 2013-14 to 2015-16

    Sl. No.YearOpening BalanceGrant in AidBank InterestTotal ReceivedExpenditureBalance% of Utilization
    1.2013 – 14Rs.42,87,023.88Rs.8,63,44,000.00Rs.6,46,313.00Rs.9,12,77,336.88Rs.7,96,96,196.00Rs.1,15,81,140.8887.312%
    2.2014 – 15Rs.1,15,81,140.88Rs.12,37,69,000.00Rs.9,88,513.00Rs.13,63,38,653.88Rs.11,97,63,827.00Rs.1,65,74,826.8887.842%
    3.2015 – 16Rs.1,65,74,826.88Rs.65,80,000.00
    (Fund released by the GOI on FY 2014 – 15 but received by the NPCB FY 2015 - 16);