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Government Of Assam Health & Family Welfare Directorate of Health Service

Apply for Death Certificate

  1. A brief Overview: Registering a death is a legal requirement, you need to do this to obtain documents for the funeral director and for dealing with the deceased's estate
  2. Overall Process Flow for the Service
  3. Form(s) to be filled

    Application for Death Certificate

  4. Guidelines for filling up the form
    • A death has to be registered with in 21 days of it's occurrence.
    • In the event of a failure to register a death within the stipulated period of 21 days, one has to obtain a non-objection certificate (NOC), which is issued when a Death Certificate has not been obtained for more than one year after the death.
    • The applicant can apply for the certificate at the receipt counter of the Public Facilitation Centre, Deputy Commissioner's Office.
    • The operator accepts the application and gives a computer generated receipt of the application.
    • A printout of the certificate is taken, based on the data from the application.
    • The certificate, along with the document, is sent to the concerned officer, and upon approval of the officer through a signature, the certificate is sent back to the receipt counter to be issued to the applicant.

    Make sure you have all the necessary documents that are listed under the "Required Documents" section and approach the Directorate of Health Service and make the application appropriately.

  5. Eligibility criteria: A death has to be registered with in 21 days of it's occurrence.
  6. Fees including the Payment Mode: Online “Rs 30 Processing Fee, RS. 10 Printing Fee per pag, Rs. 5 Scanning fee”
  7. Accompanying Documents required including

    a) Scan copy of application form

    b) Certificate of Death issued from Private Hospital/Nursing home (Mandatory)

    c) Goanburah certificate (Mandatory)

    d) Post¬mortem report (if applicable)

    e) Permission for Delayed Death Registration (if applicable)

    f) Any other document

  8. Important Timelines

    a) Due date for submission:Within 21 Days from the date of Death

    b) Time for processing (approximate):10 days

  9. Whom to contact for any queries –

    Joint Director, Health Services of any District

  10. Whether the service is offline or online

    a) a. For Offline: Public Facilitation Centers

    b) For online: "www.assam.gov.in"

  11. Service outcome : Death Certificate
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